About Us

Our Story

We believe that when you want to live life in your own signature way, doing it with intention is what truly matters. Living this way is what sets you free, puts you at ease, and helps you find the deep inner peace which makes all the difference. All you have to do is find a way to do it that connects with who you are…

When we went in search of luxury candles that allowed us to live intentionally, we were left with a spark of inspiration. We saw that intention candles could be connected with luxurious experiences and unique aromas to create something truly unique. At that moment The Crystal Gang was formed and we’ve never looked back. 

By carefully crafting botanical candles from the purest soy wax, and infusing each one with natural botanical fragrances, we’ve created a little touch of luxury that’s all about you. But that’s not all we’ve done. By adding a pair of crystals that stay connected with you long after your candle has been and gone, we’ve created a unique way to find your path in life. Just what you need to hear when you want a handmade glass candle that’s all about living intentionally.

We simply wouldn’t have it any other way!

- The Crystal Gang Rose Bubbly scented soy wax candle with rose quartz, rose petals and lavender in pink glass cloche jar.