Introduction to Healing Crystals - The Crystal Gang [BLOG]

There are so many crystals to choose from when you look around you that it can be difficult to know where to start when you decide that you wish to start using them in your daily life. All of them hold their own beauty, and you may well be drawn to some more than others. They occur in every possible colour and in a wide variety of textures and shapes. They are made into jewellery, ornaments, and practical household objects. Minerals and crystals are, however, far more than just pretty things to wear or to look at. Each one has a unique resonance or vibration and all of them carry qualities and frequencies that can be used to heal and improve our health and mood.

Some people initially find this strange as crystals are not “alive” in the same way as healing plants are. Minerals form part of the earth and they grow, decay, and degrade just as organic life does. They do this far more slowly of course, and this is part of their power and effectiveness. Try holding different types of crystal in your hand for a minute or so. See if you notice a difference in temperature in the stones and whether you can feel a vibration or other physical manifestation of the energy held within the stone.

Choosing Your Crystals

When you begin your collection of crystals you may wish to concentrate on just a few, to begin with. Always start with the crystal that draws you most powerfully. If possible, handle the stones before you buy, either in a shop or in their natural state. When you start looking you will see them everywhere! Take the opportunity to handle them whenever you can and you will begin to discover which stones you need at any given time.

Healing Properties of 5 Common Crystals:

Amethyst: Supports mental health, aids clarity of thought, cleanses negative energies form physical and emotional bodies.

Rose Quartz: The ultimate “Love Stone” emanates a frequency of gentle love, nurturing qualities and compassion. Place it in your home and wear as a pendant near to your heart to help you to both give and receive the love of all kinds.

Citrine: Known as the “Merchant Stone” for its uncanny ability to draw financial abundance and to help with tendencies to overspend. Place a small piece in your purse or wallet and you will always have “enough” money to get by.

Sapphire: The crystal of Truth in Communication and a powerful aid to those who are shy, socially awkward, or have difficulty in getting their voices heard.

Black Obsidian: Helps to keep you feeling strong, stable, and grounded. Forms a very strong connection with the Earth, helps alleviate anxieties and self-doubt, and brings a sense of comfort and safety whenever you feel “lost” or bewildered.